Sunday, September 6, 2009

4 months 2 days...

She is 17 weeks 6 days today. At 16 weeks 2 days she had a check up and her stats were as follows.

12 lbs 8 oz
25 inches long
15.5 inch head circ.

She is growing and changing so fast. All the cliches are sadly so true, it just flies by. She is sudden;y interested in everything but me or what it is I must do like change her or feed her. She is wanting to explore yet overwhelmed easily. Bliss was exactly the same.

Bliss is still the amazing loving brother and Soul adores him so deeply.He can get a smile out of her like no other. She will follow him with her eyes for ages. He can also make her laugh so long I have yet to match it.

Still trying to get the lunch truck up and running. It is still in the shop getting finished up. Hopefully it will be ready Thursday so I can take it to the next place and then one more after that and we should be done. Problem is people and businesses here are not in a rush so we wait 2 weeks for a one day job. It is frustrating but I am rolling with it.

I am also just done painting the upstairs play room to be and next am laying laminate floor for the first time. Then if I can set up the shelving one damn room upstairs may be finished in the next month. Only 3 to go after that. lol

Still in dial-up hell and really trying to be patient on that front.

I miss reading and being up on everything.

Just another lesson in acceptance though. It comes easier at 42 than it did at 32 that is for sure.

The first picture is Bliss with his favorite swimming instructor. He earned his first swim badge. He loves the water and is amazing in the pool.

The other two pictures are from a trip to Upper Clements Park, a local amusement park we went to. Bliss earned a free pass with the local summer reading program, well we both did as the reading was me reading aloud to him. We had fun earning it and the park was great. We both loved the flume ride best.

More soon.