Monday, February 8, 2010

hello, i am...

Hello I am Soul and and I am 9 months now (Feb 4th). I weigh just about 17 pounds and I am pretty darn adorable. At 9 months and 1 day I began to walk on my own without holding anything. Here are some other things about me.

I love to eat things that are not necessarily food. I make my mama laugh often but at times I scare the patootie out of her.

I like to eat food now as well. More and more kinds too. Despite Mama wanting to wait until I am one I decided to eat earlier like I crawled earlier. I eat whole foods only. Today I found out I LOVE pesto with my avocado. I also love my mama's homemade bread and soft oatmeal cookies. I still eat mostly boobie but foods are yummy too.

I like to get into things. A lot. I can spend hours going from emptying everything out of the diaper bag, to emptying everything off the bottom shelves across the room, to opening and emptying out the drawers in the wicker thingy, to emptying out the play tent. And my mama just follows behind me and puts it all back so I can start again.

I have also made my mama so so lucky and thrilled to discover I am a climber. I climbed up here to try and empty these shelves. I also climbed 14 stairs the other day in a few seconds and for some reason it made mama's eye's leak. She changed the gate after that. I think climbing is fun, mama thinks it will make her hair turn colors, I think she mentioned gray.

When I sleep I look like such an angel my mama is constantly taking pictures.

I got a new car and it is very fun to push but more fun to climb.

I really love it when my brother Bliss pushes me around. He loves to do it and we both make car sounds while we go. Notice the item in my hand, I am about to chew on it for 15 minutes straight!

Mama got me a really awesome new car seat (First Years True Fit Monet) and she made a neat tunnel with the box. My brother and I had a great time going back and forth in the tunnel.

Speaking of my brother he just completed lesson 100 today of his reading program and mama was so proud. I am proud too. He read me an entire book all by himself last night. He is the best brother ever.

He is also always asking great questions and explaining cool things. I learn a lot from him. Here I learned how a lollipop made his lips super red. Mama called them extra kissable.

Sometimes there is nothing better than just "getting him."

That's all for now. Bye.