Monday, June 29, 2009

8 week stats...

weight 10lbs 7.5 oz or 4.76 Kg

Length 24 inches or 60cm

0ver 3 pounds in 8 weeks
she finally passed what Bliss weighed at birth

Thursday, June 25, 2009


A few random things.

Bliss loved the show "Get Ed" on Jetix back home. We can no longer find it anywhere and our saved shows on our old DVR do not exist anymore. I also cannot find anywhere you can get the series on DVD so I am putting it out to the blogiverse. Does anyone have a DVD of "Get Ed" or know where we can get one or any way to purchase one.

It was actually a show I enjoyed as well.

I wish I had a movie of what we had to do two nights ago. Soul naps in arms still so she is either in my arms, or if I have to unpack some part of the house, or pay bills or make calls Lu will also hold her while she naps. I did put together the swing this week and she has taken two naps in it but pretty much it is in arms. So she is also still having the reflux and the pain especially at night.

Anyways Lu needed a haircut badly and I do the hair cutting in the home so she came upstairs when Bliss and Soul and I headed up to get ready for bedtime. She was asleep in my arms which was a great thing we did not want to disturb. So I transferred her to Lu's arms successfully and then got Bliss' teeth brushed and face and hands washed and him all ready for bed and then the funny part happened. I had Lu stand in the bathtub holding Soul and I placed a light blanket over her head and face and then proceeded to cut Lu's hair with the clippers.

It was one of those things that is so normal at the time but upon stepping back even an inch you realize how ridiculous you must look. She stayed asleep though, and Lu got a great haircut!!!

News coming soon about an exciting possible business opportunity for us to do here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a good time was had by all...

I had a great birthday. Bliss is unaware of this but I have a tradition of going out on my birthday and getting him a gift. It is a sweet fun thing now but him having an expectation of it would get annoying when he hits his teens I am sure.

Anyhow we went and got him his first bike. We had no where to ride back home that was safe so he was never interested but we went to a local bike thing this week in our town here and now he has a bike. He was excited and I put on training wheels when we got home.

His cheeks look so adorable in that helmet it is so cute!!

OK and this one just because ...well...seriously do I even need to say why I am posting this one??

I also cut my hair...ok I shaved my head on my birthday and I feel MUCH more like myself now. I do not know why I do this, I try and grow it out over and over but never feel like me with it that way. With it like this I look in the mirror and recognize myself again. It all stems from feeling like others will not think I am hippy enough if my head is shaved. Nothing else is shaved. My armpits and legs are nicely crunchy for my taste but my hair is awful and does nothing and I have a good shaped head. But it is honestly one of the only things I get hung up on with worrying what others may thing.

Anyhow I dropped the hang up again and shaved it and feel much better. Besides now Soul and I have matching haircuts!!

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. Thank you Michell for your thoughtful calls and I am so very sorry I forgot your birthday the very next day after mine!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet friend!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

new pics...

I let these upload over 4 hours when we went out for the day. It is my new genius idea for posting pics.

I adore this one, it reminds me a lot of her birth photo somehow, and no not because she is naked.

Bliss, the girls, and Lu getting the mail. I love this pic!!

Her eye color is so amazing yet undecided.

This makes me melt.

Here is a smile. She has smiled since day one, honestly. Bliss did as well. Cheeky grins in response to me. I finally captured a good one here while she did dome sunbathing in the window for vitamin D goodness.

First a porcupine and now this. Guess what was outside our house today? We were shocked and she came almost to the door too. We have no neighbors on our side of the road, there is land for eons and she comes to our driveway... go figure. We are told she came up to lay eggs but she never did where we could see. I hope the babies are ok when they hatch.

p.s. Tomorrow is my 42nd birthday and I truly have all I could ask for. I am so very fortunate and it is so neat for me to be so aware of it and really feel it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

quick question...

I am trying to frantically type before she wakes up. She is still having problems and I finally stopped the meds we had been on, but now I am trying homeopathy. I am hoping for results because I really do not want to end up putting her on a PPI like Prevacid.

Anyhow I see others question this but I am going to put it out there. The bumbo? I am thinking it is the one new thing since Bliss was a baby that seems neat but who knows. My question is does anyone have one they are done with and interested in selling cheap???

Let me know.

More later when I get a sec, and hopefully I get some time to upload a picture.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

again it seems...

I truly hate not being able to comfort a crying baby. It just sucks!

I thought I would not go through this again, when she showed the first signs of reflux, silent reflux, I got the medicine we used for Bliss that had taken 2 months to figure out. I thought, yay I caught it early, no worries.

But no, she hurts and cries for hours at night and in the day sometimes too and all my tricks are moot.

I hate it.

I do not want her hurting. I want to ease her pain.