Friday, August 27, 2010

upper clements park...

Upper Clements Park is this cute amusement park about 30 minutes from us. It has some fund stuff and this was our second trip there.

This is a picture of Bliss on the log ride alone. I had ridden with him 3 times but had to get back to Soul and Lu cannot do this ride and he said he would do it alone. I was crying watching him. So brave!

After the big splash down. It is a very short ride but fun and way scarier than I ever expected.

Seeing me and asking if I saw him and asking to go again. He went 3 times by himself!!

Look at that face of pride and joy!!

I am so lucky, so blessed.

On the park train with my babies.

Lu holding Soul on the train.

Soul'd first merry-go-round ride. It took a few seconds then she loved it.

Bliss and Soul on the plane, a minute later they had to stop the ride, Soul freaked out poor baby.

Soul with her brother in the truck, she loved this ride. Screamed for more 3 times.

Soul watching for Bliss on the water slide.

What Soul was watching, her brother coming down the slide. It was so hard to get the pic he came so fast. I also never knew when it would be him so I got pictures of other children while trying to snap one of him in action.

Happy boy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

summer pics...

At the lake about 30 minutes from our house.

Loves water so much just like her brother.

We rented the paddle boat for the first and last time that first time there. We were on it less than 15 minutes and I was secretly sooo happy they did not like it. I was dying.

On the front porch on a beautiful summer morning.

Swimming together at the Golf Club pool where Lu works.

Bliss wore this swim diaper when he was a baby.

Swinging with mama.

Swinging with her brother.

Look at that face!!!!! I AM SO LUCKY!!! And he is a million times more beautiful on the inside!

Why yes you can have anything you want!

Truly this happens all the time.

All hail the superhero!!

This is like the one time she wore this dress so it was a picture op for sure. Usually she just wants to be naked and eating rocks!!

We both have em and she laughed so hard.

It took a bribe to let me do this to his hair but come on.....too cute!!

I love this pic, and not just because he looks so young in it.

Crazy boy!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

pics and zoo trip...

Still together as always.

Her Jackie-ohhhhhhhhh look.

This is hard to see but on her forehead is asphalt mud. She was laying on her tummy placing her face in this tiny puddle and then I realized she was slurping it and the grit got stuck to her forehead. Soooo yucky!!

Her brothers shoes she put on herself. Note the look of pride.

Eating the corn for the dear at the zoo sanctuary.

He was so excited he was allowed to hold this baby goat.

First person he wanted to show was his sister.

Total love and pride.

Mama in heaven with the deer. I even got to kiss one!!!

My baby girl.

She loves putting anything on her head. So much fits too since she is so wee. Too cute!!