Thursday, July 30, 2009

lots of new pics...

So things are still very crazy. The business license has been gotten, our tax number stuff done. We have the paint for the inside and outside of the truck but need more that 2 days without rain to do it and that has not happened in over a month.

I love rain though so I m far from complaining.

We still have a TON to do and I go days without even logging online. Still in dial-up hell but hopefully not for too much longer, still waiting on that.

Both kids are doing well except for one thing. My lil one is teething at 12 weeks. I am so frustrated for her. She is so gone I actually had to go get bibs (first time ever really needed) and teething stuff she is so miserable. The worst part is at this young she can't do cold at all so I can't offer to cold washcloth or frozen bite toys.

Other than that we are good. Bliss has a kids triathlon this weekend which is an adorable thing where I can even push him on his bike, which you know I will be having to do.

Here are recent pics.

OK you tell me between this one and the one below, what color are her eyes???

See? It is hard to say!!

He is still melting me daily and just ADORES his sister. Sometimes he wakes her because he is kissing her so much.

This is the camp counselor that is Bliss' kindred spirit. He is just 16 and they play Star Wars and Sonic make believe all day together, he even comes over to play Gamecube with Bliss every Monday. He is very sweet and very tall.

I charged this up and Bliss got to drive it around a few days back. He was pretty shocked how he didn't really fit anymore. It cracked me up and made me sad all at the same time. But ya gotta love the naked driving!!!

He went off the diving board WITH NO LIFE JACKET AT ALL on his second lesson. He amazes me. He says she was helping him and that was why he was ok but she really wasn't. He just hasn't figured out yet he can fully swim, but he really can way more than he thinks.

He made a great splash too.

This is a cute shot and shows the adorable blanket Michell made for Soul.

She loves to stand, has since she was born really but it amazes me how strong she is. Here I give you standing tree pose.

This is her very first dress of any kind my best friend from California sent to her. It is so adorable and the pantaloons are huge but perfect. Note the drool, it is constant these days.

I still haven't gotten a Bumbo yet (**cough** please mail it soon **cough**) so I pulled out the exersaucer. I then found out one spring went missing in the move so I called the company and asked to have one sent but they have stopped making those springs so I had to order 3 new legs and three new springs, which arrived and I cleaned it and put it together and she was overwhelmed in about 2 minutes. It became very clear very quickly she is not ready for it yet so back away it went. But she looks cute in it, this was taken about a minute before the meltdown.

This is truly my favorite recent picture of Soul. It just shows her preciousness off so well. Note please at 12 weeks she is standing on her own except one finger by me. I have a feeling she will be crawling and walking even earlier than Bliss did and he was walking at 9 months. I am in for it!!!

OK all for now, sorry so long between posts and so sorry I am so behind on reading and catching up. I have over 300 and something to read on my RSS feed but it is too hard this next couple weeks. Please know I will get to them and be commenting again soon and as soon as I have high speed again watch out!!!

Mel I miss you my strawberry friend!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


We have to get the name set because we need to do the name search so we can register it so we can get our license, so we can get our business account set up at the bank so we can set up our food supplier account etc.

So I was on the phone today with my banker and I told her of our name woes. She loved Moveable Feast but she understood my concern I wrote about below and she asked about the ones I was considering. I was naming them off and after I said Brunch Box she squealed, but she had misunderstood me. What she thought I said was perfect so we finally have our name.

I hung up and called to get the name search done and they said they liked the name and when I mentioned the struggle they said it was good I didn't go with Moveable Feast because it was already taken.

So our official name, pending acceptance in the next two days is...

The SoulBliss LunchBox.

And I want to find someone to paint on hinges, a handle and a latch to the sides.

Now I just have 98 more things to get done before we can be open for business.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

still unsure...

So thanks, for all the comments, I really loved reading them.

I really like Moveable Feast, for many reasons. I like the literary reference and that Hemingway wrote about his expatriate exploits and how we are expatriates as well now. I like it all.


Picture sitting in an office and we arrive. You won't say to tyour co-worker "hey wanna go out to the SoulBliss Moveable Feast?" Or the Moveable Feast or the SoulBliss. You will say "hey wanna go out to the kunch truck, or the roach coach, or the maggot wagon (as I have been told they call them here).


If we called it the SoulBliss Brunch Box, or Lunch Lorry, or Tuck Truck then maybe you would say that and then word could spread more easily.

And I get that but I just feel like there is one of THOSE kinds of names I am missing. That I can't think of.

So anyways that is my dilemma.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am loving the suggestions.

To clarify, we WILL be doing breakfast burritos which are tortillas with eggs potatoes and cheese in them and options of bacon or sausage.

We will NOT be doing any fried foods, we just do not want to operate the fryer so we removed it.

I have a new possibility I came up with today. Let me know what you think.

SoulBliss Moveable Feast

OK keep the suggestions coming, it helps a ton.

That's all for now.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

look what we bought...

OMG things are crazy. I just passed the year since CD1 for the cycle of the IVF that brought me soul on the 14th.

We arrived in Nova Scotia on Feb. 12th and since then we have bought a home, moved in, had a baby, and now bought a catering truck and our starting a lunch truck business in the next month. No one can ever say I am not a doer.

Things are crazy busy and still I am juggling it all with the lil one. She is doing great btw. No bad reflux stuff, a but fussy at times but very manageable. She is also freaking adorable. Strong as all get out, and pretty damn neat to have around.

Bliss is still so great with her, getting better and better at holding her and kisses her a lot which melts me. He is doing day camp, with me there parked with Soul watching, for 2 hours 4 days a week and having fun, although he mainly hangs with a 16 year old counselor who is a kindred spirit. They can play Star Wars and Sonic for ages nonstop. He is venturing out with other kids a little bit more each day which is great too. The counselor invited him, and he was the only young child invited, to his 16th birthday party. We went last night, Bliss got to stay up for it since it was at 8pm at the local community pool, and they had a blast.

Speaking of the pool Bliss had his very first swim lesson yesterday as well and it was his first lesson of any kind ever. He is good in water and did great but it was so funny too. Sometimes she would ask him to do this or that and he would just say "no" very nicely but uninterested. She was great at negotiating though and he had a blast. I only had my cell so the pics suck but next Friday I plan on getting some good pics of it.

OK so the truck, amazing huh? LMAO
It will be, we are getting it up to code and ready. It has a grill and griddle inside. We will be doing sandwiches and Philly cheese steaks, breakfast burritos, along with me making homemade pies and cakes and such. Then Homemade chili and cornbread sometimes or soups at other times. We got it for a great price and really hope to make a go of it. Lu will do the main operating for now since I have the wee one but I am doing all the legwork, bank stuff, and getting accounts set up with distributors, health inspectors, licenses etc. I will also do inventory, cost analysis, menu pricing studies etc.

We were going to call it SoulBliss Prairie Schooner but we are in the Valley not the prairie and Valley Schooner is not a nice sounding to me. Then maybe SoulBliss Lunch Lorry but still I am not liking it. I thought of SoulBliss Bistro or Mobile Bistro but it sounds to posh for what we want to sell.


Also anyone who regularly gets cheese steaks tell me what you usually pay for them.

Also any favorite lunch truck foods let me know.

It still needs a paint job and the sign painted on so I need to figure out the name fast. I want to paint it with peace signs and flowers but Lu said not while she is the one driving it. Ha!

Ok all for now, I am back to homework since I have a proposal and business plan due Monday morning.

Soooo sorry I am so behind on blogs!!!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

this morning...

The first posted Soul movie. It has taken 6 days to get it uploaded. The ending is priceless.

Monday, July 6, 2009


My new dial up modem crashed. Second one in 3 months. Apparently the phone line is frying them. Have a movie of Soul to post but can't now. Hope to soon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!

We had a great first Canada Day and our town put on a fantastic and huge fireworks display.