Friday, March 18, 2011

trying not to be ripped open...

I have a lot to talk about. A lot I need to get out and put down and let go.

I am getting close to being ready. It is bubbling up.

I read iamvulnerable or Eden and it just clicks how necessary it is for me.


not yet.

I am simply too tired to spend that much energy crying and typing all I so desperately need to.

It will come soon. I have no choice.

You see this is really my only outlet anymore.

At least for now. And I am trying to reconcile that too. But more on that later.

More on so much...



For now I leave you a song that just crawls into my core and moves me to my bones. That just makes me feel so much when maybe I do not want to feel what is right there shoving to get out. This song lets me feel and cry and not lose it completely.

Like the valve on a pressure cooker, it just lets a little steam out so I don't burst.

I fucking love this song.