Friday, May 6, 2011

honoring her heritage...

I have had dreams of this rite since Soul was an infant. I was going to do it when she turned one but it didn't feel right. Technically it should be done her first or third year but it felt really right this year.

It is interesting because when Bliss was a baby it was definitely not something I felt was right for him. For him it felt right to not cut even a single hair his first year. I have cut Soul's bangs a few times but nothing else.

I asked Soul is she wanted a haircut and she said no so I said ok and left it at that. She came up to me a minute later saying yes very strongly. I asked if she was sure and she was.I was worried the clippers would scare or bother her. They did not. I was terrified she would be upset after. She was not. I, of course, shaved my head as well. I then applied the customary paste of turmeric and sandalwood oil.

She loved it all.

She is so breathtakingly beautiful.

She acted in ways she has never before after the shave. She did things she has never done. Her whole mood changed, it was really amazing and emotional for me in such a beautiful way.

She also loved feeling her fuzzy wuzzy head. As did I and her brother.

So pleased with herself.

This is a one time thing for her and while I do look forward to her hair growing back and being long enough for pigtails...she is simply stunning to me. Truly.

I love you my precious bird, my oh-so-longed-for-and-wanted-and-worked-for-so-many-years-through-so-much-heartache-and-loss-and-now-such-joy baby Soul.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my soul is two

This is Soul giving "eyes" which is adorable but sort of fits how the day went.

In the history of all the birthdays of my children this was definitely one of the least fun. It is so unfair how sick we ALL are. Soul was miserable most the day and a lot of whining and crying and fits ensued. By all of us.

The morning began very early and with presents. She picked her outfit which as always was adorable.

This is a cute circular wood puzzle in a puzzle. She quickly tried to break it.

The sun came out a few minutes which was really nice, although the bugs are coming too which she is suddenly terrified of which is so interesting to me. She is so fearless about almost everything. The sudden bug terror surprises me. Bliss wrote this message for his sister. The easel had been his but we had it packed away so it is new for her.

She broke her cool candle I got her and I tried to melt it back together. I always save every years birthday candle but Lu picked up another for her.

So we officially celebrated her being 22.

We have a tradition of letting the birthday child make a mess of the cake if they want. Soul had been screaming and crying for about 30 minutes before this so it was really nice that it seemed to calm her. She rubbed it into her booty, her hair, her ears, her feet. It was sooooooo messy and followed by a bath.

I had given up on the birthday dress picture idea early on. I had two possibilities but truly forgot about it. Then late in the day she got dressed herself in this dress. It is inside out but just perfect on her. And the poses kill me. She is so beautiful.

My precious baby girl how deeply I adore and love you. I wish your day had been easier for you. I love you forever and for always because you are my dear one.

Happy Birthday Soul!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

day before two...

So we all got this horrid allergy cold this week. First Bliss then Lu then me then Soul. It was so bad we went in to be seen and they confirmed it was not down in the lungs which it sounded like. They have been up hacking all night with nonstop sneezing and running noses. Just all around feeling awful.

But Soul was not really bad yet so we went to the zoo for the first time of the season. We had a great time and our favorite Gibbon had given birth since last fall so we got to see her new baby attached to her nursing away. I was in love with them.

It was a too long day but I am glad we did it before her birthday.