Saturday, April 30, 2011

what my week looks like...

Still getting pictures uploaded. Will post Easter and more backdated photos soon. In the meantime enjoy my latest. I overheated some coffee in the microwave and when I pulled the cup out my hands coolness made the overheated liquid explode all over my hand. It took 12 hours in cold water before I could have it out without yelling in pain. It happened Monday and the skin didn't start falling off until Thursday. It isn't fun bit at least it is my left hand and it didn't happen to either of my babies.

I am doing pretty well though. Allergies are kicking this houses butt with the blooming of everything all at once outside. Bliss is on day 3 of cold like symptoms from it. Other than that we are all well and just getting through it all.

Love to everyone.

Friday, April 8, 2011

soul's words

pocket-y-porn or pocket-a-born = popcorn

dick = stick (do not even get me started how freaked I was until I figured out what she meant on this one)

Bits = Bliss

moosh a bittle = move a little or move over

gubblegum = bubblegum

I love oom = I love you

booby fen = poopy is your friend

pie toy = suppository

pee peas = pretty please

walking the yoni = macaroni (I love this one)