Thursday, November 12, 2009

a new beginning and a year...

Thanks so much to everyone for your thoughtful support to the last post.

Today....... we began our business.

The day started out with everything going wrong before Lu could even leave in the truck. I spent the day going back and forth to her and we sold very little. But it is all expected and it will get better and I am so glad we have finally begun.

Once we get the flow and things pick up we will hopefully then be able to have the truck painted to look like a lunchbox. For now it is just painted all fresh white. Our name is taped in the upper side window and we look pretty plain. But all that is fine. It has taken so long to get to this place and I am just focusing on the fact that we made it here.

Thanks for all the well wishes, PLEASE continue to send them our way.

I will post more about the business as we get more established.

It is interesting, a year ago tonight I was at a hotel in New Brunswick having spent the day driving Bliss and I around looking at the province. Tomorrow will be a year to the day from when we first saw the town we live in now and a year to the day from the first time in Nova Scotia.

WOW what a difference a year makes.

Thank you Canada, I truly love you so much.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

to the queen of misery...

That is your comment to my love letter to my daughter?
I feel so sad for you that you see life that twisted.

So I shall answer your questions.

1. My son is 6, a beautiful, perfect, young six and he wears what he wants. Underwear often and naked often. He is 6!?! I wear whatever, mostly sari's or sweats or nothing if I am so inclined. We are not nudists if that is what you wondered. We are normal people who have no issues with or without clothing like most people we know. My daughter does not go naked so often because she is a baby and it is not hot here but she is put in sunshine naked when possible as recommended by our doctor because it is good for babies and children. It speaks volumes about you this bothers you so much. I do not see anyplace for your issues on my blog personally.

(funny note to other usual readers, until that time in these recent pics she had only moved inches backwards on the floor and never on her knees, that day the sun was streaming in and the house warm and the second I got her undresses she was up on her knees in a flash and moving forwards and there has been no looking back since. I guess she needed to really feel what she was doing to put it together. Wayyyyy too soon if you ask me!)

2. This was so sadly hostile. I have never gotten anything but praise for my parenting practices, including my previous neighbor who worked for CPS (DFS equivalent). I moved to Canada, as is stated in the blog often, for political reasons. I also passed all the State and Federal background searches they give everyone who immigrates you twit. I also never hit , spank, smack or belittle my children.

3. My son watches TV, he plays video games too. He also eats meat. I also monitor every bit of it. He also has time limits and is never allowed content I believe to be too mature or aggressive or violent. He can take or leave TV because it was never made a huge deal as it was in my own childhood. I have also gone over this in my blog. I am a parent who has spent countless hours reading and studying parenting practices to learn how to be the best parent I know how. I continuously work on myself and my parenting as my children grow so I can continue to be a better parent. I follow attachment parenting practices for the most part. I believe children are fully individualized human beings with all the same rights afforded to me and should be treated as such. I teach boundaries, right from wrong, and empathy. Bliss and I also play, build, do imaginary games, do crafts, homeschooling, play cards and board games, take walks in our woods, go to play dates, and all sorts of other things. How you "know" what we "constantly" do is beyond me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my soul (6 mos)...

My daughter.
My Soul.
My soul.

She is 6 months today and time is so unfair how it flies by with your children.
She is crawling for the past week or two, and she is talking up a dang storm.
But this post is about something else. This is a love letter.

To compare my feelings to relationships, for that is what we have, my children and I, relationships. With Bliss it was like an intense one night stand that turned out to be the best choice ever made. He was very planned but happened so easily and all was so intense from the moment he arrived.

With Soul it was like a long slow courtship with all the years of infertility and trying, and then she came and the birth was so wonderful and gentle and the love grew slowly, softly.

Both relationships took me to the same place. I can honestly say that I love both my children the same amount, the same fierceness, the same passion and wonder. But they grew very differently to this wondrous place. And both ways were perfect and just how they should be.

I am also caught off guard often at how thought provoking having a daughter is. It is so deep whenever I even slightly think about it. So much I want for her, so much I want to protect her from on so many different levels than with Bliss. Yes so much is the same but as a woman, with all the things I have been through as a woman, because I am a woman, it is terrifying yet also such a huge honor. Such a responsibility. Such a blessing.

She is so very precious, and darling. Very very sweet and has these little ways about her. She sings to herself in this soft way I just delight in. She also makes zerbert sounds for ages with her mouth, her cheeks puffing out as her lips and tongue make the spitting sound. She will go from extremely upset where I am running to pick her up or pull over on the road to making that sound completely content , in a 2 second period and I just laugh and laugh. We all do. She just delights and amazes me. She seems like she may be a quirky soul and I find that so totally awesome. I get to know this wonderful person and get to live with her every day of my life. How totally fantastic is that????

Goddess I am lucky.

I am head over heels in love with her and it feels so good. I was honestly terrified for a time that it would not end up here, not like this, not the same, but it has, softly and gently and steadily it has and I am so grateful for it all.

Getting to witness the purity of Bliss' and Soul's love for each other is so breathtaking. Truly it grows daily and they are completely besotted with each other. Bliss always comforts her when she is upset and can get her to laugh longer and harder than anyone else, including me, by a long shot. Soul will follow him with her eyes even if she has to crane her body or try and leap away from my arms.

She simply adores him and he her and these pictures, while adorable, do not do them and their love justice.

Both of my children are such such SUCH extraordinary beings.
Truly amazing in so many ways and it is so evident to me daily.
I just have to stay out of my own way on my journey parenting them.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy halloween/samhain

Things are still crazy. I am late with this post partly because of that and mostly because of the damn dial up. Soon they tell me but it cannot be soon enough. I have soooo many posts I want to write and post but it just takes so long and lately any time spent online is with business stuff.

After fun decorating at home we started our week of celebrations with a visit to a corn maze. Another day a nearby tiny mall had a "witches brew" where local businesses gave out treats which was lots of fun. Halloween day began with a small party at a nearby town hall with some friends.And lastly, in our local town, proper door to door trick-or-treating.It was a first for Bliss to go to houses beyond our next door neighbors and he had fun. He began full of energy as you can see above but tired out as shown below. We all did.

At one point I was walking in that get-up, with Soul inside and I was nursing her walking and carrying a treat bucket and going up to doors with Bliss. No way to really photograph it but it was very funny and caused a lot of laughter among all of us who knew.

We had a lovely week and Bliss has yet to get sick from eating candy thankfully. He is really doing great with my rationing. I hope all of you had a great time as well.

In business news the truck finally got done and came back and the health inspector came by and we got our license. Then the same day the water heater sprang a huge leak and so today I finally got that fixed and put it back together so the truck is now done. We also got our first food shipment today. Now it is off to register it finally and insurance needs a huge check and we will be ready to go, just in time for snow. Frustrating, but I am desperately trying to be grateful we have it and this opportunity. It will take a month or two to get flowing but hopefully we can start in the next week or so. I will let you know. Please send positive energy our way for smooth sailing as we embark, finally, on this next part of our journey.

I have a big post about Soul brewing to be done soon.

And finally as a p.s. what I get to see each and every night. Our family bed, which I am a huge believer in and proponent of. I have always taken pictures of Bliss sleeping and now have the added joy of taking pictures of them both. I am so darn lucky. I thought I would share a glimpse of it.