Saturday, June 26, 2010

backdated pictures...

We went to the Membertou 500 Pow Wow in Halifax and had a great time.

Soul trying spaghetti. I have one of Bliss like this I need to post here for reference. Too cute!!

They migrate to each other, always. Even if it means climbing over me in their sleep or just reaching over/under/around me. I have hundreds of pictures of them sleeping like this.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I have so much to catch up on and pics to post but this is a quick update.

I decided on the side by side and feel good about it. Hopefully we will get it in the next few weeks. I am still not happy about the replacement fee.

The satellite tv had an issue they sent someone out who said it was a branch and never even came inside to look at the unit that had the problem. After the branch was cut down by moi the problem was still the same (big shock). The company apologized and sent a new HD DVR box and sent a request for someone to come out again. Same guy got the call and then said he didn't want to come out and had to wait on a part I didn't even need. Now they are trying to find another company to send out as a result. WTF is up with my repairman karma????? I never even barely saw this guy, like 3 minutes and he was gone. I am nice people, I swear!!!

The high speed internet people came today for the assessment. I was sooo excited. Turns out they cannot catch the signal from either tower at my house or on my property. They can from my across neighbor ( I have only 2 neighbors for miles) but not for me. They said they will get back to me in a few weeks. So yes still not high speed, hence lack of updates. Back to driving my iMac to a friends just to do updates. I am so beyond about this I cannot even discuss it further.

We are going to a 400th anniversary Pow Wow this weekend and I am completely excited. Here is a link.

It is in Halifax and we can only go for Saturday but we are all excited.

I turned 43 last Saturday. It was a nice day spent with my children, just how I like it. We all danced together to good music and for the BEST GIFT IN THE WORLD Soul gave me kisses after kisses after kisses. I give her the kiss dance each and every time. It is way worth it!!!

Bliss gave me cards and even wrote cards to me from Soul. Every time I think my heart cannot grow another smidgen he breaks it wide open a mile. They both do. I am so damn lucky.

OH and Bliss lost another tooth and Soul got two molars?? So strange, she has 4 top front and two top back molars and two bottom front teeth. So unusual.

The bugs....another post coming soon with pics.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

quick question french door vs. side by side...(updated)

Quick advice sought.

The fridge is being replaced as I said but they do not have one like ours (side by side without water and ice in door). So I have to decide between a french door model and a side by side with ice and water in the door.

We are not worried about freezer space as we have a chest and upright freezer. So the issue becomes which is better. Here are my concerns.

The french door having a bottom freezer pull out and Soul yanking on it and it not being shut well with her doing that.

The top doors not shutting as tightly, the seal being problematic.

More things to break on the french door model with the catch brackets that are always plastic.

Getting tired of bending down for ice (we use a lot of ice).

The side by side model being less energy efficient.

The water and ice in the door being able to break easily. remember we have no one to come out to fix anything here apparently.

There is some novelty factor to having a french door model but then again I suppose water and ice in the door has that as well. I just want what will be least likely to break and need a repairman at my home.

Any and all advice very welcome!!

UPDATE: The french door model does NOT have an alarm for any of the doors which was one reason I was worried.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my sister soul...

Hello, I am Bliss.

I have this little sister Soul. She is small and very funny.

For instance, she thinks it is hilarious to yank my hair at any time.

I do not like it very much but at the same time I laugh when she does it. My mama says this encourages her to do it more.

I tell her she is a turkey.

Now she calls everyone a turkey.

My mama likes to remind me of something else.

I am the one who taught Soul to do it. I used to hold my hair in front of her and say "pull!".



I just wanted to post quickly for an update. First off thank you sooooo much for the wonderful support from everyone. It really means the world. As per usual getting it out makes such a huge difference.

Things are not going better really, a lot of new stuff has come up.


"I" am doing so much better. All your amazing support and encouragement and uplifting words really did just that. Lifted me up. I feel so much less crushed and so much more loved which is really all it comes down to eh? Feeling heard, understood, cared for.

(Did ya'll notice how I slipped that eh right in there all natural like? I am sooo becoming a cannuck!)

So where to begin. The high speed. As of yesterday they have "supposedly" completed 100% of all rural high speed here and I should be able to call and make an appointment for hook-up. A friend here did just that and was informed they had no available appointments in her area and they would call her when they did. Fun huh? Well I cannot even do that because I was informed that at my location they have to have the power company erect a power pole before they can hook up my home. It will be tower, to booster to some sort of catcher at the top of the pole to my home and my neighbors. I hope this will not be another 6 months but it could very well be. They will let me know when they know.

I also hope that when I am eventually hooked up all that relaying does not slow me down to barely above what I have now, but who knows.

On the doctor front I was on the phone hours and hours the past week. I finally got through to the specialist and after many calls back and forth with nurses and whatnot he called and told me he would give me a 3 month supply but wanted to see me then and oh by the way he wants to stop one of my thyroid meds completely. He doesn't like it. I was almost in hysterics. I have been on these meds forever and it has taken careful work to get them just right. My blood levels are currently perfect, which he agrees but he doesn't seem go care. So now in 3 months I go back to him and see him and another specialist to discuss completely changing my life. Sigh.

Then there is my fridge. It went out back in Feb. It is not old. The guy came out and replaced a sensor. He had to come back a week later and replace the compressor. It is under warranty, which transferred over from the US (yay) and all seemed fine. Cut to 2.5 months after or 3 days before the naming ceremony and it gets warm again and I have him back out. He checks it over and informs me the freon is almost out so it must be a leak but then he says his leak sensor batteries are out. I say I have some but he says he will come back the next day and in the meantime he will re-fill the freon. I say ok and the fridge gets cold again. The next day he calls and says he will be back on Monday. I say fine. I have the ceremony to get ready for, the fridge is cold for now all is fine.

He never comes back. I call and call. I call the Maytag back, they say sorry, that is not ok and put out for another lace to come by. Well I talk to them and they do not come to my area. The other place that comes to my area does not deal with freon. The local parts rep says he will call or email the original guy because he "has to" come back and fix it. This has been going on a month folks.

The latest now is Maytag is going to replace my fridge.But they do not have mine anymore and do not have any side by sides available at there warehouse so will I take a french door one. I do not want that but then I say I will think about it a few days. But oh by the way there is a replacement fee because you are in the last year of your warranty and it will cost you $452 to replace it. All because there are not only no docs but no other repairmen in your area.

I was never rude to this man. Ever. I never complained about the mess he left, or how he pushed back the fridge over grease and mud he left. Or how I pulled a piece of wire insulation out of Soul's choking mouth because he never picked up after himself. I never said one thing but hello and weather talk.

But now I am having to figure out how to come up with $452 to replace my fridge I love with one I do not even want. And if that one ever has a problem what am I to do??? This guy is apparently the only repairman in my entire area for all brands.

In other news, of the good sort. I did hear today that they may have found a family doctor for me. They do not know if he will take my family as well but I am hopeful to even hear that much. I am to wait for a call.

Bliss is loving Ricky Ricotta, I had found a book of the series for him and today he read the entire book, on his own, of his own accord. He even stopped his Wii time to read it. I was thrilled!!!! Now I have to get him the whole series pronto.

Soul is adorable and has commenced with 2 new talents. Shrieking and sticking her hand down her throat until she gags or pukes. Nut!!! Both freak me out every time. I am sure I will get used to the shrieking but not the other. She does do this freaking adorable blinking game with me though.

So that is where I am at. I am in a better place and plugging along and only sometimes dreaming of packing it all in and joining a commune.

Thank you again for all your wonderful support. I shall leave you with 2 recent pics.