Thursday, June 25, 2009


A few random things.

Bliss loved the show "Get Ed" on Jetix back home. We can no longer find it anywhere and our saved shows on our old DVR do not exist anymore. I also cannot find anywhere you can get the series on DVD so I am putting it out to the blogiverse. Does anyone have a DVD of "Get Ed" or know where we can get one or any way to purchase one.

It was actually a show I enjoyed as well.

I wish I had a movie of what we had to do two nights ago. Soul naps in arms still so she is either in my arms, or if I have to unpack some part of the house, or pay bills or make calls Lu will also hold her while she naps. I did put together the swing this week and she has taken two naps in it but pretty much it is in arms. So she is also still having the reflux and the pain especially at night.

Anyways Lu needed a haircut badly and I do the hair cutting in the home so she came upstairs when Bliss and Soul and I headed up to get ready for bedtime. She was asleep in my arms which was a great thing we did not want to disturb. So I transferred her to Lu's arms successfully and then got Bliss' teeth brushed and face and hands washed and him all ready for bed and then the funny part happened. I had Lu stand in the bathtub holding Soul and I placed a light blanket over her head and face and then proceeded to cut Lu's hair with the clippers.

It was one of those things that is so normal at the time but upon stepping back even an inch you realize how ridiculous you must look. She stayed asleep though, and Lu got a great haircut!!!

News coming soon about an exciting possible business opportunity for us to do here.


battynurse said...

I can just picture Lu standing in the tub holding Soul while you cut her hair. How funny.

annacyclopedia said...

Oh, I love that picture of you just making things work, even if it does seem weird with a bit of distance. Isn't that what life is all about - just figuring it out as we go along?


Billy said...

That sounds so fuuny :-).

Sam said...

I will ask the husband about Get Ed. He has ways, you see.

MrsSpock said...

LOL. That's cute.

J was an arm sleeper- and ah! I miss those days.

Tobacco Brunette said...

LOL...that's adorable. Glad she got a good cut.

Speaking of hair cuts yours is hotness. You definitely have the bone structure and head shape to rock a buzz cut. Don't bother growing it out again. Love it.

No idea what Get Ed or Jetix is. Is that a california thing?

I swear I'm going to get to the post office today. Swear!

Oh...and Happy Belated Birthday!!!