Friday, August 27, 2010

upper clements park...

Upper Clements Park is this cute amusement park about 30 minutes from us. It has some fund stuff and this was our second trip there.

This is a picture of Bliss on the log ride alone. I had ridden with him 3 times but had to get back to Soul and Lu cannot do this ride and he said he would do it alone. I was crying watching him. So brave!

After the big splash down. It is a very short ride but fun and way scarier than I ever expected.

Seeing me and asking if I saw him and asking to go again. He went 3 times by himself!!

Look at that face of pride and joy!!

I am so lucky, so blessed.

On the park train with my babies.

Lu holding Soul on the train.

Soul'd first merry-go-round ride. It took a few seconds then she loved it.

Bliss and Soul on the plane, a minute later they had to stop the ride, Soul freaked out poor baby.

Soul with her brother in the truck, she loved this ride. Screamed for more 3 times.

Soul watching for Bliss on the water slide.

What Soul was watching, her brother coming down the slide. It was so hard to get the pic he came so fast. I also never knew when it would be him so I got pictures of other children while trying to snap one of him in action.

Happy boy!

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battynurse said...

Love ALL the pictures!! Is it seriously that warm there already?
The kids are so cute and getting so big.
I hope you're doing well. Miss you bunches!