Monday, October 11, 2010

stay tuned...

So they tell me they will be here tomorrow to hook me up with high speed. I will let ya'll know, but I am not holding my breath. If you start seeing ridiculous amounts of pictures posted you will know it is finally hooked up.

I got the call Thursday evening that Bliss is scheduled for dental surgery this coming Thursday. It has been an 11 month waiting list. I really like the docs but it has been long.

Saturday night Bliss informed me the "stars in his eyes were maybe sending a message."

To give a little background, a couple months ago Bliss told me one day he saw stars. I assumed it was from doing flips off the couch or playing Wii that day and was not too worried. He said he felt fine and they did not bother him.

Well come to find out he sees stars almost ever day. They are different colors and then sometimes lots of tiny white ones and also this big one that covers his entire field of vision (I taught him what your field of vision is so now he uses the phrase) but that he can see through.

After a lot of time googling with dial up I am of the mind he is experiencing ophthalmic migraines. He does not usually get headaches but looking back he has had one maybe two days in the past 3-4 months where he said he had a headache and he was drinking lots of water so dehydration did not seem likely. One I can recall lasted most of the day but we treated it with homeopathic medicine and he said he was ok.

We went to the clinic this weekend to check him out since today is a holiday (Happy Thanksgiving Canada we had a great feast cooked by me) and I wanted him seen before his surgery. The doc was nice and said he did not think it could be retinal detachment but he also could not do a dilated exam there and would refer me with a STAT on it.

From everything I have read they are not harmful, usually do not have pain with them and are not really treated except symptomatically. Bliss also learned he would be needing glasses.

Now he steals my glasses all the time (as does Soul and it makes me nuts) and Bliss is absolutely stunning in glasses but he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "mama I do not want to 'need' to wear glasses" and my heart just broke. That coupled with him learning he was having surgery so soon the day before and I just feel for him.

He is healthy,brilliant, kind, caring, and my love and truly my Bliss. I wish I could make this all at least better times but all I can do is love him, talk with him, and let him know it is ok to feel whatever he is feeling and I am there loving him.

The week before all this our front door had t be replaced and I learned we had rot from water damage down into the foundation beams. And we have to be in Halifax the day before surgery to see the anesthesiologist and I reserved a hotel with a water slide to take his mind off the surgery. Of course this all means money and things are so damn rough right now.

I have the lunch truck up for sale but have not even had a bite yet. Goddess selling that would make life soooooo much easier right now.

Anyhoo hopefully they show up tomorrow and I can FINALLY try and get back to working from home along with everything else.

Anyhow I would love some good wishes sent Bliss's way.


Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking about Bliss. I'm sure it will go well, but it's still stressful and a bummer. What's he having done? Emma has been following in his footsteps so far. And thanks for calling about the mi paste. I appreciate it!

Good luck selling the truck, and with your high-speed Internet.

I think about you guys all the time!


battynurse said...

Many good wishes coming his way and yours. I hope things start looking up soon and that the lunch truck sells.
I hear you about the money worries. Every time I think things will finally calm down some I have another big bill come up.
Miss you lots and lots. Hugs to you.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Definitely sending good thoughts to Bliss. An easy surgery and quick recovery. I felt the same way about my glasses when I first got them as a kid, but now, I feel they complete my face. I could get contacts, but I opt not to so I can keep wearing glasses. So there's hope, Bliss -- they may become the way you express your style.

Stacey said...

sending positive vibes your way that surgery goes well and he will be happier after it's all done. sorry things are rough. hope things get easier and also hope you get that high speed finally!

MSEH said...

Best wishes! Hope all goes well with the surgery and everything else, too!

Billy said...

Sending Bliss good wishes.

Elizabeth said...

Sending warm thoughts and lots of hugs to Bliss. I hope too you get your service hooked up, finally!

Jess said...

Thinking of Bliss, and you, during all of this stuff going on! He is strong and will be okay. Keep us posted please!

Anonymous said...

Many blessings and good thoughts coming your way :)

Goddess bless,