Monday, November 1, 2010


Really insane week/weeks. Exhausted with a baby not going to sleep well lately so this will be more brief catch-ups.

Good news. Bliss does not need glasses after all. He had a very thorough exam and the spots he sees are what I thought but even more importantly nothing to worry about. The clinic docs eye charts need adjusting apparently because they said he has only a half a diopter off of 20/20 vision with zero signs of near-sightedness like his mama has. Very happy about that after his last few weeks.

We had a rough experience at Aikido the other night that we are working through but nevertheless we left early as Bliss was not feeling well and on the way home a deer ran into us. It was upsetting and scary and we are all ok but the car is in the shop.

We are on our third rental which is such a joke but the second one went nuts with pushing out burning heat even when putting the a/c on at 6am this morning and would not allow window defrost with the first snow outside. We had to limp to the rental place to exchange cars to make it to Halifax in time for Bliss to get his spacers put on, in, on, whatever.

They are all done and he is done with dentists for at least 6 months and hopefully done with surgeries for decades.

We had an ok Halloween but it came with stress from everything else happening and also came with a lot of very cold rain but they looked adorable and had fun trick or treating. I will post pics soon as I get them off the camera.

I still have numerous back posts to write with lots more pics.


battynurse said...

Sorry to hear things are crazy but hope they all calm down soon. The kids are so cute. Miss you bunches.

Svillage said...

Your kids are adorable!