Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fluff, loves, sleep, food...

I have not been posting lately for a myriad of reasons. Things have been rough lately. Things with my wonderful family have been fine, and wonderful. Business and financial things have been really stressful and I just do not want to spend this space bemoaning things financial or otherwise unpleasant. This is not to say I would hesitate to write if things with my children were stressful, but they are not.

I will be posting pictures more often soon I hope but probably content will stay pretty fluffy for a while so please, anyone left reading bear with me.

One quick note about sleep, Soul had been battling me a bit for a while and it was fine, a pain but to be expected. Then one night I tried total darkness. I got Bliss tucked in, got everything ready for me and hit the lights all out, even covering the clock's glow, and then felt around for Soul and pulled her into her spot and nursed her. Since that night she has been asleep with 5 minutes every night. EVERY NIGHT PEOPLE!!! It has been a couple months now. Come spring and summer I will be blacking out our rooms windows for sure. Now I wonder is pitch black would have helped Bliss way back when. Both always slept great but the getting to sleep was always long and hard. Now after she falls asleep Bliss and I turn on a taped Mythbusters and have our time for an hour before he goes to sleep. It is amazing.

Lastly I am posting a picture of a salad I made recently. It is truly the best salad I have ever had anywhere. I dream of it. Here is a link to the recipe by Jamie Oliver.

Much love to all and PEACE as always.


battynurse said...

I know dark helps me sleep. I have blackout curtains in my bedroom over my window blinds.
Hang in there and many hugs to you.

MSEH said...

The complete darkness - including outlet lights, clocks, etc. - is something I recently read about. Then my trainer said, "If you only do one thing from what we talk about today, do this" - meaning, black out the room. I have to say that with the (rather bright) clock covered, it has made a difference in how often I wake up during the night. Glad you discovered this and that it worked for you!

Billy said...

Good to hear from you. Hope business & finances will get better.
And the getting to sleep... omg, my girl so doesn't go to sleep. (but that total darkness thing.. I couldn't..)