Saturday, August 13, 2011

a new beginning...

I start my new blog and then never post on it. Go figure.

Actually things have been ruminating while life has been chugging along. We FINALLY have the car again as roomie is no longer training hours away every day. I can say without any hesitation that the beginning of summer completely sucked rotten eggs. Being stuck inside every day due to bugs that take chunks out of my darling daughters body is no fun. Trying to go outside with sprays, bug suits and the like and watching her get terrorized by dive-bombing deer and moose flies is less fun. Seeing trails of blood stream down her head, back, ears, neck, legs from all the horrid bites is unbearable and kept us inside.

We have also had a very very wet middle and latter part of summer as you can see by the pictures. That day it was not freezing rain and they had a blast. Many days this summer have been chilly with cold rain which is not so fun, but the library or other indoor adventures can still be had.

So now we have the car, Bliss is in swimming every day to his utter joy. Soul is happy so long as we are often at the zoo and the beach so we have been busy to say the least.

All this coupled with roomie working from home and I not being able to be online while she works (due to slowing her speeds for her work, company policy) and often falling asleep with the kids has led to the absence of blog posts.

But I have been thinking on it a lot of late. Forming in my mind where I want to go with this blog. Searching for the path I want to take.

This will always be pictures and comments about my children. I am a MAMA. I am beyond happy/lucky/honored/privileged to get to be a mama and I will always be defined by it by joyous choice. I will also always be striving to be a better mama, and in turn a better human being. You could easily turn that around to say I am always striving to be a better human being so that I can be a better mama but truly both are correct. And because of that desire I have come to the path in the road I want to explore in this new space.

So I will be writing more often, or trying to. And I will be exploring what being better means to me and asking all or any of you to join me, to share your own experience strength and hope with me and to hear me.

Someone recently told me all any of us ever want is for our feelings and needs to be heard and validated. That is something I get from blogging and something I hope to share and explore. I hope you will come along on the ride with me.


Cristin said...

i love your blog (have for soooo long!) and the new look is fantastic. i know blogs are very personal, so i completely understand if you tell me to "shove it", but can i request an easier font to read? my eyes would greatly appreciate it!! :)

your babies are looking gorgeous as ever!!

Blogless Cristin

Anonymous said...

Nice new(ish) digs. I love the umbrella pic. Hopw you gys are well. XO Tobacco