Saturday, July 18, 2009

look what we bought...

OMG things are crazy. I just passed the year since CD1 for the cycle of the IVF that brought me soul on the 14th.

We arrived in Nova Scotia on Feb. 12th and since then we have bought a home, moved in, had a baby, and now bought a catering truck and our starting a lunch truck business in the next month. No one can ever say I am not a doer.

Things are crazy busy and still I am juggling it all with the lil one. She is doing great btw. No bad reflux stuff, a but fussy at times but very manageable. She is also freaking adorable. Strong as all get out, and pretty damn neat to have around.

Bliss is still so great with her, getting better and better at holding her and kisses her a lot which melts me. He is doing day camp, with me there parked with Soul watching, for 2 hours 4 days a week and having fun, although he mainly hangs with a 16 year old counselor who is a kindred spirit. They can play Star Wars and Sonic for ages nonstop. He is venturing out with other kids a little bit more each day which is great too. The counselor invited him, and he was the only young child invited, to his 16th birthday party. We went last night, Bliss got to stay up for it since it was at 8pm at the local community pool, and they had a blast.

Speaking of the pool Bliss had his very first swim lesson yesterday as well and it was his first lesson of any kind ever. He is good in water and did great but it was so funny too. Sometimes she would ask him to do this or that and he would just say "no" very nicely but uninterested. She was great at negotiating though and he had a blast. I only had my cell so the pics suck but next Friday I plan on getting some good pics of it.

OK so the truck, amazing huh? LMAO
It will be, we are getting it up to code and ready. It has a grill and griddle inside. We will be doing sandwiches and Philly cheese steaks, breakfast burritos, along with me making homemade pies and cakes and such. Then Homemade chili and cornbread sometimes or soups at other times. We got it for a great price and really hope to make a go of it. Lu will do the main operating for now since I have the wee one but I am doing all the legwork, bank stuff, and getting accounts set up with distributors, health inspectors, licenses etc. I will also do inventory, cost analysis, menu pricing studies etc.

We were going to call it SoulBliss Prairie Schooner but we are in the Valley not the prairie and Valley Schooner is not a nice sounding to me. Then maybe SoulBliss Lunch Lorry but still I am not liking it. I thought of SoulBliss Bistro or Mobile Bistro but it sounds to posh for what we want to sell.


Also anyone who regularly gets cheese steaks tell me what you usually pay for them.

Also any favorite lunch truck foods let me know.

It still needs a paint job and the sign painted on so I need to figure out the name fast. I want to paint it with peace signs and flowers but Lu said not while she is the one driving it. Ha!

Ok all for now, I am back to homework since I have a proposal and business plan due Monday morning.

Soooo sorry I am so behind on blogs!!!!!!


PaleMother said...

Good Luck with your business!

When I was in college, there was a cart vendor that sold the most delicious epanadas (back in the days when I had a very forgiving metabolism HA!). I've never gotten over them, lol. And I've also never found them on another menu. But you do see them on cooking shows from time to time. There seem to be endless variations. I've always meant to try to make them sometime ...



Paragon2Pieces said...

For food ideas . . . have you ever heard of or had a breakfast taco? I first encountered breakfast tacos when I moved to Texas and they are hugely popular here. There is a rush every morning to get to the cafe in my school before they run out of the stuff! They are pretty simple: small flour tortilla + fixing (usually egg & bacon, egg & cheese, egg & potato). They typically come wrapped in foil and they make for a great on the go meal. But maybe this is what you mean by breakfast burrito?

Good luck with your new venture! Sounds exciting :)

battynurse said...

I have no idea about a name but I think the whole peace signs and flowers painted on it would be way cute.
So cute about Bliss and the swimming lessons.
Glad things are going well.

tireegal68 said...

wow - you are so busy and productive! I had no clue you were in the lunch van business - or is this a first? I am not sure what you did when you were in Ca, but I imagine that you are a savvy and smart business woman and it sounds like you are on the right road ( pun pun!)
I love the idea of the word schooner - or calling a big ass van a boat type word!
great about the swim lessons - and too funny about Bliss saying "no" - and so glad that Soul is holding her own.
Can't wait to hear more about the lunch boat and adventures of your family!

Lisa said...

I'm a soup nut so definitely a yummy roll to go with it. Ya know, I'm really feelin' the whole mobile bistro thing. If things are going to be homemade and made with love, I think it has bistro written all over it.

Sam said...

"Your soul will be blissful after eating our food!"

LMAO. I saw the pictures and snorted, "OMG it's a ROACH COACH YAY!!" I want to get food from your roach coach. That is a wonderful idea, I can't wait to see it when it is done. BTW, my husband couldn't find the show Bliss wants anywhere, legal or not so much. I'm sorry, he is very good at finding things normally. We tried!

PS More baby pics plz.

Tanya said...

Well, I don't buy them often but I did buy a Philly Cheesesteak recently. It was about $7 but came with a side of roasted veggies (potatoes, peppers and onions).

Toma said...

Doer, you are!

How about SoulBliss Brunch Box.
If you are serving breakfast and lunch?

Your personalities should be part of your design, so go with your peace sign! maybe in soft colors? I feel confident that you are going to be successful no matter what's on the outside. What is coming from the inside counts.

Kriss said...

OMG, I love breakfast taquitos (same thing as a breakfast burrito here in Texas)! Here are some ideas....SoulBliss Eatery, The SoulBless Foodie Cart, SoulBliss Quik Meal, SoulBliss Truck Treats

MrsSpock said...

I usually pay 6-7 bucks for a philly cheesesteak.

I love a zuped-up grilled cheese with grilled onions on rye bread. Yum, yum! Also, big hearty-cut french fries with lots of ketchup, fried pickles, hot pretzels dipped in beer cheese, funnel cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar, shish kebabs, sides of german potato salad and kettle chips.

I love the suggestion for "Your soul will be in bliss after eating our food.", but I have no non-sucky names to suggest.

Billy said...

That sounds great - starting your lunch catering buisness :-).

And nice how Bliss got invited to the 16 year old's birthday!

Lesley said...

I pay about 7 bucks for a cheesesteak around here.

And I like the 'Brunch Box'!!

Tobacco Brunette said...

Sweet ride, yo. I feel like it needs theme music. Anything from Beatie Boys' Check Your Head album oughta do.

Being a philly native, I can say that a cheese steak costs about 7 bucks.

Oh...and the need to get it to you. Long story there.