Tuesday, July 21, 2009

still unsure...

So thanks, for all the comments, I really loved reading them.

I really like Moveable Feast, for many reasons. I like the literary reference and that Hemingway wrote about his expatriate exploits and how we are expatriates as well now. I like it all.


Picture sitting in an office and we arrive. You won't say to tyour co-worker "hey wanna go out to the SoulBliss Moveable Feast?" Or the Moveable Feast or the SoulBliss. You will say "hey wanna go out to the kunch truck, or the roach coach, or the maggot wagon (as I have been told they call them here).


If we called it the SoulBliss Brunch Box, or Lunch Lorry, or Tuck Truck then maybe you would say that and then word could spread more easily.

And I get that but I just feel like there is one of THOSE kinds of names I am missing. That I can't think of.

So anyways that is my dilemma.


Sam said...

If you google soul bliss your blog pops up. Do you want customers to come here?

MrsSpock said...

I do like the Tuck Truck as well. Try saying that five times fast!

sacredandscarred said...

DP and I laughed so hard at "maggot wagon", hadn't heard that before. Here they are usually called "chuck trucks" where chuck = vomit.

annacyclopedia said...

Maybe I'm just weird, but I would TOTALLY say to a coworker, "Hey, want to go to the Moveable Feast for lunch today?"

Just sayin. It's a very cool plan, no matter what you call it, though.