Tuesday, December 1, 2009

un-fun update...

Things have been hard, and slow, and not going well. We first could not park where we wanted, then traveling to another town was yielding 2 sandwiches a day. Finally we got to be parked in a better spot locally but it took time. Then the truck has had two minor breaks which needed repair and money. And we have been shot down to sell many places.

I have been stressed and sad and frustrated and therefore not blogging much. It has been hard. There is a concrete plant 5 minutes from here. Probably 25 pick-ups are parked in their parking lot daily. Construction workers. The entire reason lunch trucks were created. And I am told no, that "his men bring their lunches". Just like that. Shot down. I was sweet and friendly and it was maddening. Then there is the other place we cannot get a call back from that has 400 employees and only vending machine food.

I could go on and on but I won't. We will likely have to shut down for winter now which we did not want to do. Lu is putting out her resume and I am selling things on eBay, or trying to. If the damn high speed internet would ever get here I could get back working online but of course that is not here yet.

So I am frustrated and sad.

In children news they are great. Soul is trying to walk and mobile as hell (I still feel cheated on this). Bliss is doing great and we have been doing much more homeschooling stuff. He is just learning to read and getting excited about it. He turned 7 last week. I need to post a TON of pictures but I just don't have the patience this week with the dial-up.

Anyhow I am still so lucky and still happy in every nook and cranny of me even though the work thing sucks. I know it is still a great potential and our starting time is just off with the seasons. We will be back in the spring, I had just really wanted to offer it year round. There is nothing around. Everyone who buys, loves our food, they rave, but it is just hard.

Anyhow I am stopping now before I begin ranting more. I hope to post a happy picture filled post soon.


PaleMother said...

I'm so sorry things got off to a bumpy start with the business. I think Paula Deen started this way ... delivering home cooked lunches to offices. I looked just now and she has a book called, It Ain't About The Cooking.

Hang in there! We are cheering for you.

Glad the kids are good.

All the best,


Demeter said...

Here is hoping that you get the call from the big company and something turns around for you! Don't give up! Something good is coming your way!

battynurse said...

I'm so sorry that things aren't going good with the lunch truck. I hope things pick up and improve soon. Hope too that you get your high speed internet soon. Hugs to you.

annacyclopedia said...

Crappy that it is so rough going getting the business started. I hope that something big comes your way soon and turns it all around so you can work through the winter like you wanted. I'll be thinking of you and sending prosperous thoughts your way.

Glad things are going well with the little ones - hard to believe it's been nearly a year since you moved up there!

Sarah said...

Sounds terribly frustrating! I've got quite an appetite lately and wish often that I could just pop out of my office and eat some of your yummy food. I hope it gets easier. I'm glad the kids are doing so well. Thinking of you. xo

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Just sending love. Starting a business is huge and rough. I hope the spring brings smoother sailing.

Billy said...

Hope things with the lunch truck improve.

And Happy (belated) Birthday to Bliss!!