Wednesday, June 9, 2010

quick question french door vs. side by side...(updated)

Quick advice sought.

The fridge is being replaced as I said but they do not have one like ours (side by side without water and ice in door). So I have to decide between a french door model and a side by side with ice and water in the door.

We are not worried about freezer space as we have a chest and upright freezer. So the issue becomes which is better. Here are my concerns.

The french door having a bottom freezer pull out and Soul yanking on it and it not being shut well with her doing that.

The top doors not shutting as tightly, the seal being problematic.

More things to break on the french door model with the catch brackets that are always plastic.

Getting tired of bending down for ice (we use a lot of ice).

The side by side model being less energy efficient.

The water and ice in the door being able to break easily. remember we have no one to come out to fix anything here apparently.

There is some novelty factor to having a french door model but then again I suppose water and ice in the door has that as well. I just want what will be least likely to break and need a repairman at my home.

Any and all advice very welcome!!

UPDATE: The french door model does NOT have an alarm for any of the doors which was one reason I was worried.


MrsSpock said...

We have a french door with freezer on bottom and love it. J is still not strong enough to pull the freezer open. I love that I can just tilt the freezer without really opening it to reach it- we have the ice make inside the freezer. We have never had problems with the seal, and have had it 4.5 years. Nothing broken either. We have an LG model and love it. I would totally buy it again.

battynurse said...

No clue but I hope you get what you want and like it.

MSEH said...

I LOVE the bottom freezer and agree that I don't know if Soul will be able to pull it out. That being said, we don't use much ice. Given the options, if I used a lot of ice I'd probably want the side by side with water/ice in the door. But, I do love the bottom freezer...

Anne said...

We, too, have an LG model French-door with freezer on the bottom. We got it when we moved here in 2006. We really like it, but have had several issues. The catches on both doors broke off. They still usually close fully, but occasionally we have to push the door in to make sure it seals. One night the door did stay cracked open all night which meant the light was on all night and the fridge got rather warm. It warped the plastic cover to the light and the lid to a yogurt container directly under it. We do have a local repair person, and he came and fixed it so it's functional now, but not exactly the way it was when new.

The freezer has been fine. It takes a good tug to open it. We don't use a lot of ice, and so never hooked up the interior ice maker, but just have a couple of ice trays in it. When my father came to visit, I bought a bag of ice and poured it in. I don't think he ever realized we didn't have an ice maker!

Hope that helps in the decision process. Good luck!

mama T said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Soul pulling open the bottom and it not getting closed properly. Most fridges now have alarms that sound if it's left opne longer than afew seconds now :-)

Cajun Cutie said...

we have one that has the ice and water in the door and we love it! Although we don't have kids there are rather crafty children ( my brother is 7 yrs old, tests gifted, and always wants to take things apart to see how they work) who visit us regularly and nothing has broken in the six years we have had it. It is also energy efficient ( I am sure I can find paper work some where if you are interested in numbers). I did not like the drawer freezer at the bottom when I was looking personally. I have also not had any problems with the seal. It still works wonderfully like it is brand new despite being 6 yrs old.

Svillage said...

I don't know what I would choose, but if the water and/or ice maker were to break and you couldn't get a repair person, would it be a problem?

My E can't stand to have anything broken around, so it would bug her to death. However, I would think that having it would be a nice feature and if it broke, you wouldn't be out anything less than if you didn't have it in the first place.

Good luck with the decision!