Friday, September 10, 2010

checking in...

Hello to whomever is still out there.

We are still here.

The end of summer got very busy and I still have no high speed internet.

They built a tower just for us, it is great but apparently the power company has not turned on power to it for over a month so we wait.....still.

One of the main reasons I have not been posting is that for some reason ever since everyone else got rural high speed dial up has been even slower. It make no sense as to why but I can no longer upload any pics, even one set to take all night will not work as it used to. So I have been fed up and not posting.

When I do finally get high speed it will be sooooooooo obvious. There will be post after post after pic after pic after pic. I have so many amazing ones of them both. Soul is growing so fast it is so unfair.

Bliss did swimming lessons every day for a month before the pool closed for the season. He has now just began taking Aikido classes and loves them. It is non-competitive and non-violent and I am feeling pretty good about it too.

Soul talks but not a lot still. She does however make me laugh all the time. She wakes up and does hysterical things with her eyes trying to get me to laugh. It is adorable and so interesting to see how she really "goes for the laugh" all the time.

We are still struggling financially. We are trying to sell the lunch truck but it has stopped running in the past few months and we need to get it running before we can sell it. I also really need high speed so I can work from home.

I am trying to focus on getting my meditation practice back to something, anything, because it is so obviously lacking from my life.

Quick story and then I am off to bed.

Bliss was at his first Aikido class. There are almost 50 children in the class (with multiple teachers and one main teacher) and all the children are running around being crazy fun children before the class starts. Bliss is sitting on the mats waiting. I knew he was nervous. He is not engaging with anyone just watching.

I had looked away a moment and when I look back at him he is sitting in lotus position with his fingers touching and is softly chanting ommmmm and meditating. I teared up and watched him amid all the chaos. It was so beautiful. When he stopped a moment and looked up he caught my eye and I told him that was beautiful and how proud I was. He came over to me and told me he had been nervous so he did that to feel better. I asked if it had worked and he said yes. I kissed him 3 times and he went back and did it some more and then finished waiting for class to start.

Am I lucky or what. My own teacher and I get to live with him. If he can find center amid that I can surely find a way to meditate regularly again.

I do not know how much I will post right now but soon, ohhhh soon I will be back.


Sam said...

I miss you!

tireegal68 said...

So good to hear from you. Your Soul and Bliss sound very very adorable and sweet and wise. Good luck with selling the truck and with getting finances back on track. Hope thst high speed cones fast!!
I'm looking forward to meeting my own babe in about 7 weeks. Can't wait!

battynurse said...

I miss you too!
I really do plan to call you soon. Think of you lots and thanks for the tip on the frogs.

annacyclopediaisworkingonit said...

That story of Bliss just takes my breath must have been so proud. What an amazing little spirit!

Great to hear from you. I am sorry to hear that you are still struggling financially but I will send some thoughts and wishes of abundance your way.

Huge hugs to you all.

Stacey said...

sorry about the high speed. i always check to see if you have posted.

K said...

Really good to hear from you. I can't wait to see updated pics of the kiddos. :-)

Svillage said...

Bliss has the right idea!

MrsSpock said...

So proud of Bliss!