Monday, September 20, 2010

canada day 2010...

Canada began with a grand opening park day for the new Natural Playground they recently built at our local park that is about 5 minutes from our home. We got to help take part in some of the building of the playground which was really fun. My big accomplishment was creating the spiral. The playground is really lovely as is the park that runs along the water of the Annapolis River.

Then after going home for lunch we came back to the park for Canada day celebrations.

I took the wagon which was a hit, at least for a little while


Sadly shortly after getting settled at the park Soul got stung by a bee right below her eye.

She didn't cry but yelped and then whimpered a little which broke my heart.

A popsicle was quickly administered and all was better.

Of course Bliss needed one too. And he showed off his orange tongue.

The park is along the river as I said before. It truly is just beautiful. We waited for the duck races and the cardboard boat regatta to begin.

When we later came home they put on their new sweatshirts they were given at the park day. They say "Take me outside" and are part of an Active Living program here I think is just great.

Soul was in great spirits despite the swelling of the bite below her eye. All in all it was a great day!

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