Thursday, May 21, 2009

more tidbits...

doing ok but dealing with a few things

having some PPD symptoms coming up. it is still early on and i am working to process through them but keeping an eye on things, it has taken me by surprise a bit

having an over supply issue again with my milk, it may not seem a big problem but it means gulping which means lots of swallowed air which translates to lots of gas pains

each of my breasts weighs more than my baby, so so not right

still trying to work on the juggling act with regards to Bliss and the guilt brings a lot of tears

Soul is very adorable and so far a great sleeper, I had to get newborn cloth diapers because Bliss' first ones still a far cry from fitting

mail server still not fixed, still in dial up hell as well

down 52 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight, 27 from delivery day, I really hope it continues, I have a LOT more to lose


Lollipop Goldstein said...

I love the updates--just thinking about you guys living the family life and finding your groove.

annacyclopedia said...

Yes, thanks for the update, my friend. I was just thinking of you this morning, wondering how the transition was going. Sending you thoughts of peace and gentleness with yourself as you work out who you are as a mom of two.

Tobacco Brunette said...

Hey hon...I loved reading Soul's birth story. It sounds like it was an amazing experience and I'm so happy for you. I know how much you wanted to avoid a c-section.

Thinking about you a lot. I hope that things are going well. I want to see more pix of the babe!

Take care of yourself.


battynurse said...

Thinking of you. I sure hope the internet thing gets fixed soon. Do you have the option of cell phone broadband cards up there? Just a thought although I'm sure you've tried just about everything. Miss you. Hugs.

tireegal68 said...

HI Bleu - so good to hear more from you - I was just wondering how it goes.
Sorry about the PPD - I hope it does not get a hold on you.
I hope you and your gorgeous family can enjoy the rhythms of your new life and that your milk supply issue resolves. that sounds uncomfortable.
good luck on the continuing weight loss

Billy said...

Happy to hear from you.
Good that you're keeping an eye on things, hope it doesn't turn into PPD.

sacredandscarred said...

I had oversupply issues and breasts bigger than the baby as well - I feel your frustration! Everything will be ok with Bliss as well, our adjustment period with TBB when TTG arrived was a good 6 months (but we were working through food issues as well). I hope the PPD remains under control.

calliope said...

so sorry that you feel a whisper of ppd- keep writing through it.

GIANT high five on your weight loss. I am soooo jeeeeeeeeeealous of that. I think the only things getting toned on my body are my arms from carrying W.