Tuesday, November 10, 2009

to the queen of misery...

That is your comment to my love letter to my daughter?
I feel so sad for you that you see life that twisted.

So I shall answer your questions.

1. My son is 6, a beautiful, perfect, young six and he wears what he wants. Underwear often and naked often. He is 6!?! I wear whatever, mostly sari's or sweats or nothing if I am so inclined. We are not nudists if that is what you wondered. We are normal people who have no issues with or without clothing like most people we know. My daughter does not go naked so often because she is a baby and it is not hot here but she is put in sunshine naked when possible as recommended by our doctor because it is good for babies and children. It speaks volumes about you this bothers you so much. I do not see anyplace for your issues on my blog personally.

(funny note to other usual readers, until that time in these recent pics she had only moved inches backwards on the floor and never on her knees, that day the sun was streaming in and the house warm and the second I got her undresses she was up on her knees in a flash and moving forwards and there has been no looking back since. I guess she needed to really feel what she was doing to put it together. Wayyyyy too soon if you ask me!)

2. This was so sadly hostile. I have never gotten anything but praise for my parenting practices, including my previous neighbor who worked for CPS (DFS equivalent). I moved to Canada, as is stated in the blog often, for political reasons. I also passed all the State and Federal background searches they give everyone who immigrates you twit. I also never hit , spank, smack or belittle my children.

3. My son watches TV, he plays video games too. He also eats meat. I also monitor every bit of it. He also has time limits and is never allowed content I believe to be too mature or aggressive or violent. He can take or leave TV because it was never made a huge deal as it was in my own childhood. I have also gone over this in my blog. I am a parent who has spent countless hours reading and studying parenting practices to learn how to be the best parent I know how. I continuously work on myself and my parenting as my children grow so I can continue to be a better parent. I follow attachment parenting practices for the most part. I believe children are fully individualized human beings with all the same rights afforded to me and should be treated as such. I teach boundaries, right from wrong, and empathy. Bliss and I also play, build, do imaginary games, do crafts, homeschooling, play cards and board games, take walks in our woods, go to play dates, and all sorts of other things. How you "know" what we "constantly" do is beyond me.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

From the title, I thought it was going to be stuff about the new business.

I think the end point is that there's plenty to judge in anyone else's home and it's our choice whether we're going to exercise that judgment and spend our time that way. I'd hate to hear what people had to say about our home.

Shannon said...

Holy crap! I didn't see the offending comment, but... well, seriously, WTF? Someone has a problem with a SIX YEAR OLD running around naked? Seriously? That is so way creepy. I mean, seriously, why would anyone care? Personally, I wish my parents had allowed me to run around naked as a child (and believe me, there are still stories about how I fought being clothed like my life depended on it). Um, gosh Bleu, I just don't know what to say, other than this person obviously needs to relax.

Secondly, I think your parenting style rocks. And I'm saying that for the record, just because it sounds like you need to hear that right now.

Shannon said...

And one more thing: I just went back and read the comment. Um, yeah. My impression was: This is someone who, as you say, is the Queen of Misery and has nothing better to do than be mean to people. Ick. I hope this person finds happiness, if only so that he/she quits spreading unhappiness. Sheesh. How ugly.

Anonymous said...

you handled those ridiculously hostile questions very well. it's sad that others feel the need to criticize those that meander from the norm. it's obvious you are a caring individual with values and morals that fit in 'the real world.
...in canada

Lizzie said...

sorry there was ugliness. you handled it well. xo

Lisa said...

I always found reading blogs as an optional activity. If you don't care for what the reader blogs about, it is very easy to just delete it from your blog manager. I would never feel as though any author of a blog owes me a damn explanation about anything, especially parenting styles. Bleu, your children appear well rounded and taken care of and it pisses me off that someone would suggest that someone was running away from the authority because they allow their young children to walk around naked in the comfort of their own home.

Sarah said...

Bleu, the letter to Soul was so beautiful. You are such an incredible mom and your amazing children are testament to that every day. Kudos for your thoughtful response. Hope she goes elsewhere with her hostile opinions. Love you, S

edenland said...

I JUST GOT YOUR PARCEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't BELIEVE it took so long, I actually had to track it fucking down. Thank you, thank you, thank you. SO MUCH.

Especially this week - mate, I'm having such a shocker. It was so sweet to open them all, hand them out to everyone. Dave was so jealous of Tims pocket knife, HAH!! And Max looooooooved everything. Thank you, beautiful woman.

And thank you for stating in your previous post that you "need to get out of your way" when it comes to parenting. You are an amazing mother, and have taught me wonderful things the past year or so we have known each other.

As for you beautiful ones ... how alike do they look! Unbelievable, Bleu!! And just so frickin adorable!!

Thank you again sweetheart.


PS You know the best bit? Reading the real estate section in the scrunched up Canadian newspaper with Dave, dreaming about buying a house in Canada. XOXOX

Briar said...

Good heavens. Those questions? Stupidly posed. Well answered.

You know that I tend to differ from you on some parenting practices (And you also know that, in many ways, I also found myself falling into the "crunchier" stuff far more than I expected, too!) but I have nothing but the UTMOST respect for your parenting and your politics and your beautiful dreams coming true. Love to you.

MrsSpock said...

Darlin', you owe no one an explanation. Those of us that know you, know your children are happy and healthy.

Kim C said...

Hi, Bleu! I'm SO enjoying the photos of your kids and your blog updates. You're right--they are growing up so fast!

I'm sorry your parenting was questioned and so harshly judged. The Queen of Misery doesn't know you or your children, and you have no responsibility to answer her questions. However, I'm sure I would have responded, just like you did.

Have you seen any You Tube videos or read anything by Dayna Martin? She is an advocate for radical unschooling, and I think you and I fit into that category of homeschooling. John Holt and John Taylor Gatto are also great resources for those of us who respect our children as individuals.

I'm glad you've kept me updated online. I'll keep checking out your blog and Facebook wall!

K77 said...

Gee people are weird aren't they? I'm sorry someone chose your letter to Soul to quiz you on such silly things.

You seem pretty normal to me :)

tireegal68 said...

Your family is beautiful ! You are an awesome parent! You totally rock! Anything else is just stuff and nonsense!

Billy said...

I love your parenting.
Very much how I would love to parent.

The Fabulous Us ! said...

I love reading you. I love your freeness and ability to just be.

Your children are beautiful, appear well cared for and happy.

Nothing else matters. I think most of us allow our kids to watch the tele and if it's clothes optional then so be it :)

Keep it up proud Mama !

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!