Tuesday, March 30, 2010

about bliss...

I am writing this post about Bliss. I have a concern and after finally getting him in at the clinic to absolutely dismal reception I am turning to all of you.

Bliss is a healthy child, always has been. besides Rotavirus as a baby and a few colds and stomach bugs he has never been ill. He eats really well. Poops 3-5 times a day and is brilliant.

When we left California a little over a year ago he weighed 78.8 pounds. He has always been stout but never a problem. He is tall and has some belly chub but never any worry.

After we were here a couple months his weight went down to 75 pounds. I figured the lack of corn syrup in EVERYTHING in the states may have been a factor and was not concerned. About 6-7 months ago he got some bug and spent a Sunday night throwing up. He was fine the next day but a week later it repeated. He lost more weight, down to 72 pounds but it went back to 74 after a few weeks.

He began having intermittent nausea and would ask for "bubbly water" and a bath. he never threw up again but I worried.After a month of this one or two times a week he was down to 72 pounds and I decided to take him off the vitamins we had started a few months before.

Things seems to get better with the intermittent nausea but his weight went to 70 pounds. It varied up and down 70-72 and I have been watching it. He has been eating well, whole foods, lots of fruit, good portions. He is not any more active than usual nor is he lethargic.

Two days ago he was doing Wii Fit Plus and it said in the last 17 days he had lost 1.8kg so I had him weight himself again and it now says he weighs 68.8 pounds.

Needless to say I am now officially concerned. He is 51.5 inches tall now and his BMI had gone from precursor to overweight to healthy weight to underweight. He is not skin and bones, he looks healthy weight wise. I just am concerned about a 7 year old losing 10 pounds in the past 16 months.

He does not have a family doc here as none are taking new patients, I am working on that but as a result I got a jerk today after 4 hours of our day was spent waiting to be seen. He wrote a basic blood panel only after I pressed but would not take my word or his previous records from the states and seemed nonplussed.

If anyone has any insight it would be so greatly appreciated.

P.S. and as for Google I get squat except for weight loss crap


Suzy said...

My first response would be that it could be a natural "growing up" thing. My boy is active and a healthy eater with little to no processed foods or sugars. He is naturally very thin. Occasionally the wii fit will tell me he has lost weight again, but as there are no other issues I can see, I ignore it and figure his body will work itself out.

Does he still get the nausea? I have struggled with intermittent nausea almost my entire life. I've had all kinds of investigations done and the best thing for it was a series of powders and dietary restrictions that my naturopath presecribed for a few years. I weaned off the powders and reintroduced the foods I was limited from, and had far less severe problems with nausea.

I do still get it sometimes though and there seems to be no explanation.

As for his weight, it could well be that he is about to grow taller and his body is preparing for that. As long as there are no health issues going along with it I would just monitor it and see what happens. If he keeps dropping weight I would see a naturopath and see if they can come up with a reason.

Best of luck (sorry for the long comment)

battynurse said...

Could it be some sort of parasite thing? Otherwise I'm clueless. I understand your worry. What sort of lab stuff did the dumb doc order?

Anne said...

I don't have anything useful to say, but supportive. I think you are right to be concerned. I'm sorry you were not happy with the doctoring experience you had, but keep at it. Although we have not found the Nova Scotia medical system to be ideal, we have found that once we get in to see a doctor (whether our family doc or another), she spends whatever time she needs with us - never rushed.

AJ said...

I would not worry too much. Kids really do go up and down in weight, and even though 10 pounds seems like a huge amount, over a 16 month period it really is not. It easily could be attained by the elimination of the processed American crap and the great substitute of fresh fruit and corn syrup free foods in your new home. Also since he has someone to chase around and interact more with, it means more of an expansion of calories. He would only need to be burning 41.6 more calories a day to drop that weight in the time frame that he has, so that easily can be the difference between real sugar and corn syrup in a daily diet, along with a longer walk to the mailbox. He looks absolutely great, and as long as he is feeling fine, and eating well, and acting like his normal self then go with it. Run the blood panel, keep an eye on him, and trust that he will let you know if something is truly wrong. Glad all is going well in your new home.

Pam said...

I'm a long time reader but usually lurk. I have no knowledge regarding Bliss's weight loss, except to say is that I hope you are able to get someone to listed. On that note, have you tried this site to find a doctor?


You don't say where in the province you live, but perhaps this site will help you find a doctor's office taking new patients.

Good luck.

edenland said...

Oh mate, I hope it's just the normal growing stuff, and nothing to worry too much about. Max's weight goes up and down, especially when he's going through growth spurts.

I hope you're able to get a family doctor soon .... same thing over here too, nobody is taking new patients. What is UP with that!


PS Bliss looks so gorgeous

mulberry said...

i can understand that you would be concerned... hope you can get a doc to work with you on this. i have celiac, so i always have this in mind. it might be good to do a screening for that if you have not already. it inhibits the body from absorbing nutrients and can cause weight loss due to that... also the runs and many other things that he does not seem to be happening. a long shot to be sure, but totally treatable by going gluten free :)

MrsSpock said...

Is he more active? Is he refluxing? If you are worried about intake, maybe keep a calorie count for a few days. My son is underweight at 2 years despite eating 1500-1600 calories a day, but our Pedi thinks he just has one of those super metabolisms. My husband used to eat 8000-9000 calories a day in high school, and was still underweight.

If he is otherwise happy, healthy, and growing, watching it might be sufficient.

Soapchick said...

I don't have kids, but the same thing happened to my nephew. who is now 16, and several of my cousins' boys. It seems to be a growth pattern. Sometimes they grow up, sometimes out, sometimes they lose weight as it distributes on their bodies, plus they are getting ready for another growth spurt. I remember one day my nephew was chubby, then the next time I saw him he was thin but hadn't grown any taller. Then one day boom he grew 2 inches taller.

Canada Calling said...

I'm a lurker, as well. He looks great and I think it may be more a growth spurt than a concern but monitoring him is probably wise.

annacyclopedia said...

Lots of great responses here so I don't have too much to add, although celiac and other food sensitivities did cross my mind. If there is a naturopath near you and you can afford it, I'd recommend that as they tend to spend more time listening and pay more attention to the subtleties of the body (as you no doubt know...)

I offer my support, too, as you keep an eye on this and try to figure it out. It may be a growth spurt thing but I would be concerned as well, so good on you for asking for help and taking it seriously.

oceandreamer said...

Have you had him tested for celiac? I'm gluten free so I always think about that - a common symptom, especially in kids, is weight loss. My problems started after living in another country and therefore eating a slightly different diet, so maybe the same is happening for him. Hopefully its nothing, of course, but I wanted to mention it just in case. Most docs don't think to do any testing for it unless you specifically ask for it.

Neenie said...

Bleu- I am clueless but just want to support you. I am sure that Bliss is 110% healthy and that all is perfect, but you as a mom have a gut instinct that is telling you that something is up. Trust that gut and get to the bottom of it- I am hoping that things work better for you in the medical department with regards to doctors and getting Bliss one. It sounds like a tough situation to be in when all you need are answers and some help from a medical professional!!!
Just hoping that everything is ok and sending you my hand to hold :)
Love the updated pics of Bliss too- he just gets better and better!!!!

blake said...

Dear Bleu

A 10 lb change in 16 months isnt worrisome to me especially if there isnt any corn syrup in canadian food like there is in american food. He could be having a minor growth spurt as well.

Usually, as with babies, if they are eating normally, there probably ISNT anything wrong.

Your kids are so gorgous blue...jeezus the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

Wishing 4 One said...

You know I have no advice, but maybe like the others said it could be growing spurts? But I like you would so be checking this out to be sure. I sure hope you can find another doctor instead of doctor jerk and let us know what you find out. Thinking of you all and man how he's grown, handsome as ever girl!

CJ said...

Have you considered Celiac Disease? I could fill you in, but google it. It can pop up at any time. It's an insensitivity to wheat, etc. It's not an allergy, but an autoimmune disorder that is treated by diet.

Some kids get constipated. Some get diarrhea. Some throw up. Some get rashes or nausea. Does the nausea happen after he eats?

livieandhermommies said...

My only question would be what is your water source?? If you have well water I would think to have that tested...
Hope it all turns out to be nothing but a growing boy!