Friday, March 26, 2010

soul stats...

height: 29.5 inches
weight: 17lbs 15oz
head: 45cm

Soul had a check-up this week. She is almost 11 months, kind of a 9 month and year rolled into one. She is weighing 17lbs 15oz which is 5th percentile for weight. She has been riding the 18 pound mark for a while but with her mobility and running around now it makes lots of sense. Her head measured 45cm or 17.72 inches which is right at 50%. Her height was 29.5 inches and is up at the 90th percentile.

She is eating lots of things but mainly breast milk and part of whatever I am eating. She loves hummus, pasta, potatoes, strawberries, blueberries (sometimes) and although I had previously mentioned she adores avocado I can no longer give it to her as it backs her up badly. Trust me, very very badly.

She is in many ways like a toddler, she is in the not wanting to be held phase and tries to squirm or dive out of my arms which I do not enjoy as it scares me when walking up stairs.

She is currently, this week, only doing one nap a day, and not a long one, which has almost made me lose my mind. But she has also just cut her first tooth and her second one is currently cutting (other front tooth) and it may well be this causing the hyper no naps, late to bed craziness.

We recently tried her first time at a restaurant and after 3 forks flew across two tables, she twisted out of the high chair and crawled across the table, took all straws out of all cups and threw them it was tag team dining while she was out in the car. Bliss went through this phase too, but way way way older.

Needless to say we are not going out much these days. It will be great for her when she can run around outside but we still have snow on the ground, half melted and icky and all she tries to do is eat it. So needless to say I think Soul has a little bit of cabin fever.

Her eyes are brown but they truly are a yellow/cream center over gray that appears brown and beautiful.

Her hair is deep brown with some copper/amber shine and seems to be coming in on the sides and back. Her top is still long but I cannot tell if she will lose that or not. The mohawk width seems to be getting skinnier, we shall see.

Her beautiful brown skin is darkening earlier than Bliss' did and I think when she gets in some sunshine this summer she will be a beautiful brown baby really quickly.

Her naming ceremony is tentatively planned for May 2nd. I will be sneaking it in under the wire before she turns 1 two days later. I will write another post about the ceremony I have planned and how it is an extension of what Bliss' was when he was a baby.


battynurse said...

What a cutie and she sure sounds like she's a busy little girl.

MSEH said...

She's just beautiful! And tall and skinny, eh?

Our son was at something like 90% weight, 20% height for what seemed like forever. I swear he was truly round. But, he's evened out! ;-)

mulberry said...

she is so beautiful! and so tiny... our little one is 12 pounds (at least) already and 9 weeks old! yowza!! she is in 80/90% weight and height and my poor back can attest to the fact that she is a biggin' i am eager to hear more about your naming ceremony... we are looking into creating our own ceremony for our daughter and still working out what that would entail. xo mulberry

tireegal68 said...

Great pics! She looks like she has a really great personality! She's a real character and so lovely to look at. How is the whole work thing going?
Hoping that your business can get back on track or that you get a big break!

MrsSpock said...

Adorable! She looks like a strong little lady!