Sunday, May 2, 2010

naming ceremony day...

The ceremony was lovely. Soul was amazing all day long. She actually wore her bindi the entire time people were here which was AMAZING as she will not ever wear a hat even, but she didn't really know it was there and it was so adorable. She also was very quiet and content but unusually quiet the whole day.

Friends came with their children and all was magical just like Soul. Lu spent lots of time pushing little ones in the cars and Bliss played with an older friend and the adults playing tag and ninjas in the yard.

Everyone took turns connecting with Soul before hanging their flags after they had signed them. It was a beautiful spring day and the leaves unfurled that day in her honor.

The food was great as was the company and I think a good time was had by all.

As for me I am saddened to say I was so un-present for the day. I swear I showed up when I was putting her to bed that night and I could have just stomped myself for it. I got caught up in the minutiae and never took the moments needed to ground myself to the day.

Only one friend and Lu noticed it apparently but the part I am most saddened about is that because of my lack of presence Bliss mirrored me. He was a doll but soooooo not present the entire ceremony too even though he had been discussing it all week. It was a direct result of my mental focus that caused his.

I am still very happy about the ceremony and so glad we had it. I just need to be working on my practice and not make this mistake again.


battynurse said...

Glad it was mostly a good day. She's such a cutie and Bliss is getting so much older looking.
Miss you lots.

Neenie said...

omg Bleu I LOVE IT!!!!! What a gorgeous day!!!!! I am so happy to see pictures- She looked abdoluetely adorable and I can't believe how big Bliss is getting :) Your dress is awesome too!!!
Happy name ceremony day to you baby Soul- you are a blessing to everyone and you are just precious!

MrsSpock said...

It looks fantastic, even though you felt a bit disconnected. Love the bindi!

Cajun Cutie said...

beautiful as always

edenland said...

I love this post, Bleu. Thank you for writing it ... I really needed to hear it today. Being present, Bliss mirroring you - wow. You just taught me so much.

You all look stunning, and I can't believe Soul is one! Happy birthday baby girl!